Monday, July 6, 2015

I Am a Tourist at Queenstown Gardens

My photos in New Zealand last December has been long overdue for posting. However, i can't just sit down and screen all those shots, besides it seems like every photo is important that i can't decide which to choose.

My first weekend in NZ was already scheduled for the Milford Sound Cruise, Queenstown, a domestic plane ride away from Auckland. My sister lives in Auckland, she took 2 days leave so we can have at least 4 days to roam around.  I heard that it is one of the most beautiful tourist spots in the world. I am so excited and maybe my sister too, as she will not have gone there yet if not because of me. We were early that Thursday morning, reached Queenstown before lunch. We brought sandwiches so we can eat whenever we feel like it. The Hostel's check-in time is at 1:30 pm so we sat under the big tree at the opposite park and ate our sandwiches. My unacclimatized body feels the cold, but i love the feeling of being so far from the tropics. It is the welcome feeling of being in a foreign country, and i internalized the feeling of being a real tourist.

This is the view of the most picturesque landscape of Queenstown. It looks so clean, tranquil, peaceful and real beautiful. Located at the first peninsula above is the Queenstown Gardens, where we spend the first afternoon of our stay in Queenstown. We just walk through the town center then along the water edge to the gate of the gardens. Only a few people go there that time, so we had lovely moments taking photos.

center of Queenstown and major bus stops 

The town center is actually a small one that can be roamed easily for a half day walk. All the major amenities are there including the i-center (information center) or the tourism office. Most of the people in the shops, restaurants and on the streets are tourists, and we did also what tourists do.

  town center taken at the Queenstown Garden on the opposite side of the bay

At the top of the mountain is the other end of the Skyline cable. We also went there on our last day in Queenstown. There are also other sports activities areas on the other side of that mountain top.

  Some areas of the garden has tall pine trees, and we climbed this hill to the flower gardens.

  I love the color of this tree, with the silvery leaves as if it is really frosted with snow.

At the side of that tree is a big rock where this epitaph for South Pole adventurers was erected, the 5 soldiers who reached the Antarctic in 1912 but all perished on their return voyage. 

 Very few of the trees, bushes and flowers in this garden are known to me. They are all temperate species so i am not obliging myself to know them.

 My sister is not like me, fond of taking photos of all plants and flowers. She always waited for me up front and always has to call me to hurry, because i always forget time whenever i am in landscapes like this. I don't forget however to also take her photos.

  Can you see my sister among the rhododendron flowers?

The above pine cones fascinate me, as well as the siquoia tree. It is just my first time to see them.

 These are very lovely but its name also eluded me.


The plants above have very interesting hard spiny flowers, i don't know what they are. There are labels somewhere but finding it will slow me more, i need to hurry to navigate more grounds. Remember, we only have a half day here. 

 above and below are some of the individual flowers we saw there

It was my first time to see a lot of peonies, different varieties and colors. Being unfamiliar to me they attracted more of my time. And the hostas, which i included one above in the collage, i also just saw them in temperate country blogs. Oh how i wish we had at least a full day here, i still make a lot of shots. 

Of course we didn't leave this place without a souvenir tourist shot. Other tourists are kind enough to take our photos, and we took theirs in return. It was almost dusk when we returned to our accomodation at the other side of the bay. It was time to look for the restaurant where my sister was gifted with a voucher for 2, turning out to be 2 meals for 2. We claimed 1 of the 2 dinners for 2 at the Irish Restaurant, and then  walked home and sleep. What a lovely hectic first day for me in a foreign land. I am just starting but already telling the Universe that i want to come back!

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