Sunday, March 29, 2015

Almost Macro Shot Too

These shots are at the Blue Mountains, Sydney, Australia. I was looking at this tree because of its lovely white flowers. However, as i looked closer to get a close-up of the flowers, i saw the black lumps on the branches. I earlier thought they are plant characteristics, which might be common in these parts, anyway there are lots of biological materials that are unique to this country or this continent.

I looked much closer to scrutinize those black clumps, and i was surprised to see what they are! Can you guess what those black lumps are?

 They are black beetles with orange necks, tails and abdomens. They are actually cute in close-up, but scary too. I wonder what they are clumping themselves in specific areas of these tree. Other trees nearby do not have these bugs. I just left my curiosity thinking they might be beneficial insects, otherwise those park keepers who are so diligent in their responsibilities would have eradicated them if they are bad insects.

P.S. for those who will be interested to know about these insects, they are called plague soldier beetles. Stewart put the link at the comments below, here too:

At the other side of the park i saw bushes of these kangaroo paws. I also looked closer and i smiled as they really somehow look like paws, even if i haven't yet scrutinized paws of real kangaroos. I just assumed they resemble the real paws or these Ausies would have changed it even then! I even saw a yellowish insect with lovely color contrast to the paws!

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