Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Tourist's Afternoon Walk at Albert Park

Albert Park is the most accessible park near central Auckland. Its location at the heart of the Central Business District, its long history and distinctive character made it an important destination for visitors. It is reached through many routes from the Queen Street. While my sister was attending their office Christmas Party near Queen St, i allowed myself to wander at this park. I approached via the Wellesly Street East to Bowen Ave and Kitchener St. Here is the Auckland Art Gallery, which i didn't enter because it is about to close, and i need half day at the least to appreciate the things inside. This route leads to a steep, wide cemented stairway then through native trees to the large flat area at the summit, where formal layout of paths and flower gardens encircle a fountain, Albert Park.

The Physical Structures

one of the oldest trees planted in this area

 the Clock Tower of the old Government House, now the University of Auckland

 the Sky Tower is very visible from Albert Park


 The Auckland Art Gallery
the front of the Auckland Art Gallery, where there was light show display that week

Auckland Art Gallery is located next to Auckland University and shares its outdoor space with Albert Park. 

Plants and Flowers

I was so thrilled with the numerous flowering plants in this park. It provides wonderful subjects to plant photography hobbyists like me. I didn't stop shooting until it is already dusk and time for me to leave. The plants though are not labeled, so i have to content myself with their beauty. They are all temperate plants, and i am only familiar with very few of them. A lot are the blues and the violets, the colors of most temperate climes, in contrast with the tropics for having mostly the warm colors. If only i have a few more days, i will surely be entertained and not get bored by these plants at Albert Park.

 bed of yellow dahlia

                                                         another bed of orange dahlia

 dahlia, aren't those leaves amazing

i don't know this

 violet salvia

butterfly bush

I wish i will know every species i found here. I have the personal inclination or attraction to the blues and violets. Probably, that is because of its lack in numbers here in the tropics. We have a few, but really very few. There are lots more flowers and plants in the park, i just cannot put them all there. 

I didn't also put wide angle shots, as they are very much available also in the internet. I placed here just what really thrilled my, and those that attracted me the most. 

I hope some of my commenters will tell me the identities of these plants. Thank you so much.

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